Dark Hetalia - Axis VS Allies

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This is a video about world war two. I've made the video like a timeline following the main events from 1939 to 1945. Here is a short description of the events featured in the video:

1939: Germany invades Poland with help from the Soviet Union
1940: Germany invades Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark and Norway. Battle of Britain starts.
1941: Germany begins operation Barbarossa: The invasion of the Soviet Union. The attacks continue on Britain. Japan attacks Pearl Harbour and USA enters the war.
1942: Pacific war between Japan and USA. Germany suffers setbacks in Stalingrad.
1943: Germany surrenders at Stalingrad. Allies beat Italy in North Africa, and the invasion of Italy commences. Italy surrenders, Germany takes over the battle.
1944: D-day. Allied invasion of France, Paris liberated in August. Japan makes a stand in China; Iwo Jima is bombed by the USA. The Soviet Union gains terrain in Eastern Europe.
1945: The Soviet Union invades Berlin, Germany surrenders on the 7th of May. Japan surrenders on the 14th of August, after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Thank you to all you artists who draw pictures of historical Hetalia! :)

Music: ASAP
Artist: Two Steps From Hell
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Artwork: Found on Deviantart and Zerochan. All art belongs to their rightful owners. If any of the artists would like credit for their work, just notify me and I will gladly add it to the description.