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Make glasses with glass bottle

Necessary elements:

- Nicrom electric resistance: buy in a electricity store, it's verry cheap.
- Base for the resistance: brick. No wood, cause it get fire, and don't conect in the air or it will deforms.
- Cables and plug: each cable is connected to an end of the ressitance, and then plug to the current).

Once connected the resistance to the current, it turns Red and get too hot! Put the bottle on the resistance y start to spin it, ever at same speed. The cut can take 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the glass. The bottle will cut where the resistance was touching. Unplug y that's all.


-Sand the internal and external edge whit a little sandpaper or "sandpaper to the wather".
-When the bottle is cutted, unplug the resistance. DON'T TOUCH THE RESISTANCE WHEN IT'S CONNECTED!!! You will be electrocuted, and don't touch it, is very hot and you will suffer burns.
- The edge of bottle is too hot, wait a several minutes to get cold.

If the first try don't works, keep trying! After cut 3 bottles, you will be experts ;)
If you are child, request help to an adult!!!

The spinning time of the bottle depends the thickness of the glass. A little bottle will be cutted in less than 1 minute).

I hope it serves, regards.-