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How To Do A Wall Flip (UPDATED Wall flip Tutorial) -
, He will show you \ learning the motion of a wall flip will take time So be patient! If you are interested in learning other how tos such as how to do a backflip, how to do a palm flip, how to do a wall flip.. You aint gonna be master at wall flips until you watch the video and let me know what we can improve upon our videos we love feed back thanks for everything all of the views and subscribers please keep it up

The science behind the wall flip, doing a wall flip is simple and easy just need guts and a wall, find a grippy wall you dont want to slip off when your doing your wall flip.. Make sure you have grippy shoes, that is a key part to landing the wall flip.. if you dont have grippy shoes you will not do a wall flip, I recommend ollo shoes, at Now the final step is finding a wall that you can do it into grass.. if you do it on concrete your'e first time YOUR GOING TO... lets just say don't try you wall flip on concrete your first 100 times.. For even more protection do the wall flip into sand, but grass is a good place to do a wall flip.

For you guarrenteed safety, Buy tons of crash mats, remember the wall flip is an advanced flip, if you want buy a foam pit do it its not worth getting hurt, we are not responsible for any accidents, this video - How To Do A Wall Flip. wall flipping is fun once you get it but it will take lots and lots of dedication, check out our video on how to do a backflip, wall flip, getting the wall flip on ground is sooo much fun.. please dislike and put bad comments in, means a lot so do the wallflip and go

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