Download video: iPhone 5 iOS 9.1 CFW Restore using F.C.E. Firmware Manager and patches

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iPhone 5 iOS 9.1 CFW Restore using F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager and patches
In this video I test the new version of F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager that is now compatible with iOS 9.1. Using the patches that I've already published on the forum and using a combined IPSW (9.0 with 9.1) because for 9.1 there are no ROOT / IV keys yet.

The video shows a great progress in this field.
All information is provided for Educational Purpose Only.

Apps used:
F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager v3.4.1:
Patches [iPhone 5,2]:
iTools 3 (To get UDID):

Update: Sorry, I didn't notices that the iTools 3 Authors put a password on it. The password is "" without quotes.

F.C.E. 365 Firmware Manager's page on The iPhone Wiki:

I managed to bypass iPhone 5 iOS 9.2:

Find more information on the forum: