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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Full Episodes Review
The mickey mouse clubhouse is the best cartoon on TV for small children. There is no other cartoon like it on TV with such bright and bold colors. The bright and bold colors are the first colors they see. So this is great! The cartoon is fast paced and really keeps the attention of an infant. My daughter is 4 months now and has been watching this since she was 2 1/2 months. She always coos and talks when she watches this cartoon. This is the only thing she will watch and get excited about. She will sit in her swing a watch the mickey mouse clubhouse for 2 hours. The characters are really large and playful. I hope this cartoon is on for a long long time. I recommend for anyone who as small children!!!

My young children love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, what can I say? But as I was watching with them, I swore I was watching an episode of Dora The Explorer played out with Disney characters. The similarities are many: interactive questions for the young viewers, complete with pauses to simulate the child's answer, followed by an exclamatory "Right!"; a "toolbox" used throughout the show by Mickey (with the viewers' "assistance") to solve problems (just like Dora's "Backpack"); and a review of the successful journey followed by a celebratory dance routine (ala Dora's/Boots' "We Did It!" song). As a leader in animation and film for so many decades, I was surprised to see that that Disney has relegated itself to cloning another successful franchise. But the kids love it...what can I say?

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