SPOTLIGHT:USF4: RnK Lucius (C.Viper/Seth/Decapre) With EXCLUSIVE Interview [TrueHD]

Channel: Olympic Gaming


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A USF4 Gaming SPOTLIGHT on the talented RnK Lucius!
1) What is your real name? Issam Bbh

2) Where are you from? South of france

3) How Old are you? nearly 24

4) What are your hobbies? gaming, cinema, fashion, football...

5) Whats your top 3 Main characters in SF? C.viper, Juri , Seth

6) How long do you practice per day/been playing SF? i dont have any program for training, some days i dont play at all & others i play a lot

7) Who is your favorite player/look up to in the FGC that also uses your main? clearly Latif, his a huge inspiration for every viper player, also i really like poongko's style

8) Do you participate in local tourneys? if so, which was the most memorable? i dont go to many tournaments but the most notable i did was probably the World game cup from 2013

9) Are you a Pad or Arcade stick player and why? pad player ( ps3 )

10) What is your worst match up and why? elena & blanka, cuz their the xbl godtiers lol

11) If you had one word to describe your play style what would it be? i try to be the most "fancy" as possible even if it means taking a lot of risk, and i have no patience at all lol so i would say "freestyle" maybe

12) Now that Ultra is finally out, what are your thoughts on the changes of your character/s? Viper is pretty good tough, even if her stun as been weakened, seth has been to nerfed imo, & juri got really good ups, im satisfied overall

13) Which version of Street Fighter is more balanced in your opinion, Vanilla SF, AE, AE 2012 or Ultra and why? Ultra ( but vanilla was funnier )

14) Whats one thing you feel needs to be changed in order for the FGC to go on a major scale? Where players can finally live off Fighting Games.


2)What attracted you to (your main/s)? i think viper is the most interesting character to play in sf4, because of all of her possibilities & the difficulty of mastering her, it allows you to express

3)How can people reach you? my clan youtube chanel : & we just created a twitter account :


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