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Want to know a bit more about the video, watch this!

Whatever your thoughts are regarding Twilight being immortal and such, I believe it is still an interesting concept to work off of. Also, this video was "technically" started before the conversation even started on it. :P

This was originally premiered at Bronycon 2015. I would have had it out a while ago, but ran into many delays, including being stuck to the couch for 3 weeks due to a severe work injury. Nonetheless, big thanks to all those that came out to the panel and supported the SFM community! :D

As hinted at above, this video was originally started over 2 years ago. I ragequit due to complications in making the map and stopped for a while (about a year). A vote on DeviantArt came up with this one being the next big video to finish. So here you go. :P

The animating I personally think is meh. My big focus was on cinematics and making it pretty. The vast majority of the time working on the video were for those alone.

All the pictures in the frames (minus 1) were made by people in the SFM community as a contest. While I originally needed just 1, the shear number of submissions in 1 week made me modify my idea for the credits and fill it with pictures they made. Links to all the pictures are below.

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Animated using Source FilmMaker
Edited with Adobe After Effects
Color Correction with Adobe SpeedGrade

--- MUSIC ---

Thomas Bergersen - "Remember Me"
Thomas Bergersen - "Eyes Closing"

--- CREDITS ---

Custom Models by:

Stained Glass Texture by:

Mane 6 Pictures by:


Map is custom made and not (yet) available for public use.

Base Pony Models:

Celestia Model: