Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Final Smash Montage (Read the Description)

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UPDATE: I have put up a montage that covers Mewtwo, Lucas, Ryu, and Roy:

Most of the Final Smashes in this game have been nerfed substantially: Most of the returning Final Smashes deal less damage, have less launch strength, have reduced range, have less transformed time, is slower to execute, or has a higher chance of a backfire. Suffice to say that you can no longer press the button and get some instant KOs anymore--you'll have to work for them, or at least get really lucky. Only two have been buffed: Konga Beat and End of Day. Rocketbarrel Barrage, Triforce Slash, Critical Hit, Galaxia Darkness, Volt Tackle, Puff Up, and Blue Falcon seem to have remained unchanged, as far as I've noticed.

The Final Smashes are in order from left to right, top to bottom, on the roster. I'll explain more about some of these.

Mario - Mario Finale
Luigi - Poltergust 5000 (from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)
Peach - Peach Blossom *
Bowser - Giga Bowser
Yoshi - Super Dragon
Rosalina & Luma - Power Star *
Bowser Jr. - Shadow Mario Paint *
Wario - Wario-Man *
Donkey Kong - Konga Beat *
Diddy Kong - Rocketbarrel Barrage
Mr. Game & Watch - Octopus
Little Mac - Giga Mac
Link - Triforce Slash
Zelda - Light Arrow *
Sheik - Light Arrow
Ganondorf - Beast Ganon
Toon Link - Triforce Slash
Samus - Zero Laser *
Zero Suit Samus - Gunship
Pit - Three Sacred Treasures
Palutena - Black Hole Laser
Marth - Critical Hit
Ike - Great Aether
Robin - Pair Up
Duck Hunt - NES Zapper Posse
Kirby - Ultra Sword
King Dedede - Dedede Burst
Meta Knight - Galaxia Darkness *
Fox - Landmaster
Falco - Landmaster
Pikachu - Volt Tackle *
Charizard - Mega Evolution (into Mega Charizard X)
Lucario - Mega Evolution
Jigglypuff - Puff Up *
Greninja - Secret Ninja Attack
R.O.B. - Super Diffusion Beam *
Ness - PK Starstorm *
Captain Falcon - Blue Falcon
Villager - Dream Home or Housewarming Party *
Olimar - End of Day *
Wii Fit Trainer - Wii Fit
Shulk - Chain Attack
Dr. Mario - Doctor Finale
Dark Pit - Dark Pit Staff
Lucina - Critical Hit
Pac-Man - Super PAC-MAN *
Mega Man - Mega Legends *
Sonic - Super Sonic
Mii Brawler - Omega Blitz
Mii Swordfighter - Final Edge *
Mii Gunner - Full Blast *

* Peach Blossom - Can now hit opponents in the air.

* Power Star - The star itself has a vacuum effect and will suck opponents into the middle. It's best activated when someone is directly overhead. Otherwise, throw opponents into the star.

* Shadow Mario Paint - The paint deals damage to anyone directly behind it with the splat causing high knockback. Before the 1.0.3 update, an AI-controlled Shadow Mario would run around and attack enemies.

* Wario-Man - As long as Wario-Man continues to attack in midair, he can stay afloat indefinitely.

* Konga Beat - A meter haa been added to indicate when to push the button. Ignore button delay when playing this one online.

* Zelda's Light Arrow - No longer a one-hit KO.

* Zero Laser - No longer turns Samus into Zero Suit Samus.

* Galaxia Darkness - Cannot be shielded or dodged. Also ignores super armor. Can hit teammates even with Friendly Fire off.

* Volt Tackle - You are actually controlling a small, purple cursor (visible in this clip) with Pikachu "attached" to it like an elastic string. This is why Volt Tackle is so hard to control: You're not actually controlling Pikachu.

* Puff Up - This is best activated to the side. The idea is to trap opponents on one side of the stage, not allowing them to escape. Contrary to popular belief, this Final Smash is not about shoving opponents off the side, but is a direct attack. Puff Up is best done in stages with walk-off boundaries, like Flat Zone X, Bridge of Eldin, or Gaur Plain.

* Super Diffusion Beam - ROB no longer moves during this Final Smash.

* PK Starstorm - The range is much narrower, but it can now be guided slowly, much like Brawl's Lucario's Aura Storm.

* Dream Home/Housewarming Party - Watch carefully: One of the objects thrown into the house is a Super Famicom.

* End of Day - The rocket can be guided on its way back down. This was true in Brawl too, but a lot of people don't seem to know.

* Super PAC-MAN - The scores displayed reflect the point values of consuming consecutive ghosts with one Power Pellet in the original Pac-Man game: 200, 400, 600, 800, 1600, 3200, 7650.

* Mega Legends - Initial shot is Black Hole Bomb from Mega Man 9. The Mega Men, in order of appearance, are X (from Mega Man X), Geo Stelar (from Mega Man Star Force), Mega Man.EXE (from Mega Man Battle Network), Megaman Volnutt (from Mega Man Legends), and Mega Man Classic.

* Final Edge - Can be guided slightly.

* Full Blast - Can be guided slightly. Based on Mii Force's Special Mii Guns.