Undertale: Megalovania - Metal Cover || RichaadEB

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A lot of you requested specifically to have a bad time.


edit: 1m views. wango dango

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So I only got about a trillion requests for this one and my last video seems to be doing pretty damn well, so I guess we'll keep this hype train rolling. I like the game and its OST enough, so why not? My buddy Thunderscott and I were shitting our pants over the game when I mentioned that I was doing this cover and he instantly wanted to drop some sexy slap bass down on it - who am I to deny such a privilege? Go check out his channel here:


Also go check out the game here if you're curious. It's really, REALLY damn good. I promise:


P.S. toby sucks

Composition by: Toby Fox
Arrangement by: me

Guitar - PRS Custom 24 SE w/ Liquifire & Crunchlab pickups
Bass - Ibanez GSR206
Percussion - Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0
MIDI Controller - Samson Carbon 49
DAW - Reaper
Mastering - Izotope Ozone 5
Interface - Line 6 UX-1 w/ PodFarm 2.5
Camera - Nikon D5100 w/ 18-55mm & 35mm lenses
Editing - Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Strap - Viper Strapz
Tones - My own, and modded versions of Polyphia's Inspire patches: http://goo.gl/Xbbn4g

I lied - I'm still doing big RL stuff but I'm trying to distract myself from stress by doing covers. Maybe I'll try to make this Undertale month or something.