Top 10 WORST Moments in WWE History

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Top 10 worst moments in WWE history! The all time worst moments in WWE made me cringe while watching them on TV, although at least it's something, compared to the bland nothingness of today. Seriously, RAW these days has nothing!

Anyways, from Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson making out to prevent her Dad from getting married, to Vince McMahon blowing up his own limo for a storyline, we take a look at 10 of the worst moments in WWE history.
(Yeah, I counted WCW as WWE. They were bought out by WWE, let's pretend it counts.)

Trust me, you don't have to know anything about wrestling to appreciate the stupidity of this video.

**WWE Top 10 is a series on WWE's YouTube channel - keep in mind that I'm not ripping them off, this is simply a top 10 video about WWE.**

10. Anonymous RAW general manager
9. Million Dollar Mania
8. WCW Invasion storyline
7. WWF Brawl for All
6. WCW KISS concert + The Demon (KISS-themed wrestler)
5. Vince McMahon vs God
4. Katie Vick
3. Muhammad Hassan and terrorists attack Undertaker on the same day as the London bombings
2. Mr. McMahon limo explosion storyline
1. Al Wilson marries Dawn Marie & dies from a heart attack after too much sex; Dawn Marie & Torrie Wilson making out to...make the storyline interesting, I guess?

Which wrestling moment / idea was the worst? Comment down below with your own thoughts.

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