Download video: CS:GO | ScreaM Fast Aim/Reflex Training [CSGO shooting training]

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How to start the map:

1) Download this map(Click on Subscribe to download!)
2)Start CSGO and Click on Play Game and than on Offline with Bots
3) Click on the Workshop maps. If you did everything right my map should show up!
4) Now start the map, by clicking on it! The bot-difficulty is not important!(but dont select "no bots")
5) After loading the map, join the Counterterrorist-Team!

How to play the map:
1) Join the CT Team
2) Buy a weapon (press B to buy). If you want a Terrorist weapon, just pick them from the ground, the GalilAR, AK 47, Tec9 and Glock18 are already waiting for you! (If you want the T-Autosniper use the console:" give weapon_WEAPONNAME")
3) If the bots wont move, just shoot a bit around!
4) Now kill the bots, before they reach the gab, but if they somehow do reach it nothing will happen, the bots die and respawn! Thats because it is an Aimtraining and not a Minigame :)
5) But pay attention, the bots can knife you! (if you dont like that, type "god" in the console!)
5) Have fun :D

Additional Information:
-The bots can knife you, type "god" in the console to stop that!
-You have infinite-ammo! Type:"sv_infinite_ammo 0" in the console!
-If you want a dislike on your Workshop-Item, just write a link and a sentence like "This is my first wep, pls like)))" in the comments and you will get one for free (If i have the time and your comment will be deleted). :)

You can´t join CT?
Try to type "mp_humanteam any" in the console this should fix the problem!(Thanks to "RuncianooO" for metioning this in the comments^^)
If this wont help, try to restart your game/re-install the map and more troubleshooting like this!
Its a CSGO Bug and not a map bug!

Enjoy this video and don't forget to subscribe ;)
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