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Played By: BoneofHead

- Game by - BioWare , Published by - Electronic Arts. 2010

Continuation of my character from mass effect 1 longplay.
Kept the character class the same, edged the progression of the character decisions more towards renegade options to portray his reaction to how the galaxy ignored his warnings to the coming threat, however was not a specific aim towards paragon or renagade.

As with mass effect 1 longplay Had already finished the game with infiltrator and soldier doing a paragon and renagade playthrough befor so went with a vanguard for the longplay.
Vanguard was alot stronger than in the first mass effect.

End of part 3 did a planet scan to show the mechanic (5 hours of planet scanning was cut this was very very and boaring) before moving onto doing side missions / dlc

Got interupted by The illusive man during my run through of dlc and side missions at start of Act 2 and was forced to do the collector ship storyline mission.

Arrival dlc apeared to bug out on me, ended up stuck in a room with no way out forcing me to reload and get killed to progress the story.

Part 1 - (Story) Awakening, freedom's progress

Part 2 - (Story) The professor, Archangel

Part 3 - (Story) The Convict, The Warlord, Over the Horizon

Part 4 - (Side missions) Citadel visit,
(DLC) Kasumi: Stealing Memory, Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

Part 5 - (Dlc)Project Firewalker: Rosalie Lost,
(Side missions) N7: Wrecked Merchant Freighter - Abandoned Research Station
(Story) Collector Ship
(Dlc) Projct Firewalker: Recover Research Data - Artifact Collection - Prothean Ruin - Geth Incursion
(Side missions) N7: MSV Estevanico - Eclipse Smuggling Depot - Archeological Dig Site - Lost Operative

Part 6 - (Story) Tali, The Assassin

Part 7 - (Story) The Justicar

Part 8 - (Dlc) Lair of the Shadow Broker (might want to skip around 30 min at the 2 hour mark, time spent looking at dossier entries)

Part 9 - (loyalty) Tali: Treason, Jacob: The Gift of Greatness, Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi

Part 10 - (Loyalty) Miranda: The Prodigal, Jack: Subject Zero, Garrus: Eye for an Eye, Thane: Sins of the Father

Part 11 - (Loyalty) Grunt: Rite of Passage, Mordin: Old Blood

Part 12 - (Dlc) Project Overlord
- (Side missions) N7: Imminent Ship Crash - MSV Strontium Mule
- (Dlc) Normandy Crash Site

Part 13 - (Side missions) N7: Hahne-Kedar Facility - Blue Suns Base - Javelin Missiles Launched
- (Story) Reaper IFF
- (Loyalty) Legion: A House Divided
- (Story) Activating IFF
*** part 13 had a clumbsy edit due to shepperd getting stuck above a crate and having to re-load

Part 14 - (Story) Suicide Mission
- (Dlc) Arrival