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Here's my latest parody of Dumb Ways To Die. The original is sung by a young female and it sounds like a campfire song. It's fine but that style gets pretty old pretty quickly. Here is my animated character named Gramps, trying to do this song on his old cigar box guitar.

It took a long time to animate him and to do the typography. The plan is to do another version of this with the little egg people killing each other.

Thanks for watching. Here are the lyrics.

-Give the mafia, a rubber check
-sharpen a knife, with your neck

-Arm wrestle, with an ape
-wrap your head a dozen times, with masking tape.

-Smile so wide, your head falls off
-tell a donkey to 'turn its head and cough'

-play patty cake, with a polar bear
-test out the state pen's, electric chair


(someone helped me with the following line, but I can't find the name in my notes)
-sell both your lungs, on the internet
-have a stick of dynamite as a family pet.

(the following line is from Dazzadaman)
-Catch a tomahawk between your legs
-Sit in an eagle's nest full of eggs.

-play your iPod, at full blast
-go snorkeling in a, body cast

(the following line was contributed by a someone, but again, I can't find my notes on it)
-Stand under a hippo, on a high wire
-take a bubble bath, in a deep fryer


-Clean your eyes, with a blow torch
-put TNT under, your front porch

-do the 'peeps' and 'cinamon challenge', both at once
-remind the school bully, he (ain't nothin' but a) is a dunce.

-leap from roof to roof, as you fight crime
-date two different girls, at the same time

-Play 'hide and seek', in a wood chipper
-Snag your manhood, in your zipper

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