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The Actros SLT is a new force of heavy haulage and sheer super power trucks built for extremely heavy loads and long distance reliability and economy.
The new Mercedes-Benz Actros SLT and the Arocs SLT are a range of ultra large load tractive trucks designed and built to handle and haul loads of up to 250 tonnes. The truck provides a luxury driving and living cabin which is a basic requirement of heavy haulage long distance trucks. The Actros range has been in production for over a decade by Daimler trucks/lorries. The beauty of the SLT is its ability to haul heavy loads with a good economy.
The Actros SLT comes in range of powerful Euro VI grade diesel engines. The engines come in different sizes depending on the load requirement. The most powerful engine in the range is the 15.6L inline 6 which produces a meagre 625 HP and an insane 3000Nm of torque. The engine uses an advanced engine management system and a common rail injection system with the X-pulse pressure booster which injects fuel into the combustion chamber at up to 2100 bar injection pressure. This results in a particularly homogenous fuel-air mix and efficient, low-emission combustion. The engine is boosted with a high powered turbo charger which boosts efficiency further. The low emissions do not preclude high power output and responsive power delivery. On the contrary: the 6-cylinder in-line engines are particularly responsive when pulling away. This is noticeable on the job, as the engine creates higher torque at very low engine speeds, making starting off and manoeuvring easier, even with heavy loads. The broad torque range makes it possible to stay in a given gear longer. That reduces the number of gear changes and reduces the load on the clutch and transmission. The engine provides wear free breaking in the form of powerful engine breaking which can be conveniently operated using the right hand steering column which calls for a three stage engine braking system which directly reduces wear on the service brakes and increases safety and control of the vehicle when driving down hills. With the help of the turbo retarder clutch, it can produce up to 750 kW of wear free braking power. The Actros SLT uses rear mounted cooling systems which ensures that the maximum power of the integral retarder can be used at all times. It also ensures that the full engine torque available can be used without limitations, even when crawling for long periods of time or when manoeuvring with a full load.
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