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Batman is on an awesome snowboarding vacation when he runs across the secret lair of Mr.Freeze! And Batman being Batman has to check it out and stop whatever scheme Freeze is up too. Unfortunately Mr. Freeze has an ice monster named Gordon who swallows Batman! Yuck!

But fortunately, Batman was snowboarding on Elsa's mountain. Olaf wanders by and agrees to help poor Batman, as long as he doesn't tell Elsa! Yikes!

Find out what happens nest! Will Batman get out of Gordon's stomach? What happened between Batman and Elsa? Watch and find out:)

Toy Review Land creates fun, kid friendly videos about: toy reviews, toy unboxing, blind bag and blind box openings, and giant play doh surprise eggs.

We also make awesome Imaginxt DC Super Friends toy adventures with Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, and the rest of you favorite Super Hero friends.

We love all things Disney, especially the Disney Princesses like Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, and everyone's Frozen favorites Elsa and Anna!

We are always looking for cool new toys to open and share with you. Some of out current favorites are the Tokidoki Unicorno figures, Funko Pop's and Funko Mystery Mini blind boxes.

And if you have a favorite toy that we haven't opened yet let us know. We would love to learn about it. Thanks for watching and have a super awesome day!

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