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(WATCH HD - FULL SCREEN) The death thrust of the 3rd Reich & the greatest single battle ever fought by the United States Army in any war. This video re-creates the opening phase of the battle, the morning of December 16th 1944.. "The Battle of the Bulge" was named such by the Allies for the large "bulge" in the American front lines that was the result of this attack. Known to the German's as "Wacht Am Rhein" or "Watch on the Rhine", this was Adolf Hitler's last great gamble of WWII. Knowing that using his forces against the overwhelming red steamroller to the east (Russians), would bring little effect. He turned his attention to the great glorious victory over France by the surprise attack in the Ardennes forest in the onset of the war in 1940.. Knowing that the Allies were over extended logistically in the West, as well as the rift that was building between the British & American commanders, this offered an opportunity to change the course of the war in favor of Germany. These facts, plus a lazy stagnant warm front that formed up in mid-December of that year, which completely removed overwhelming Allied airpower from the equation all together with low clouds, fog, snow, & blizzard conditions; was all too tempting for the Fuhrer. Thirdly, the very latest German "Wunderwaffens" or "Wonder Weapons" were now being produced in underground factories unbeknownst to the Allies.. Armoured megladons such as the Tiger II (King Tiger) & Jagdtiger were being fielded in complete secrecy. Fourthly, the Germans were able to build up a massive force in the thick forests along the Rhine, again, completely unknown to the Allies, air recon, or intelligence.. The synchronicity of these factors forged the way for the battle plan of a massive counterstroke that can potentially overwhelm the Western forces, & with a thrust to the port of Antwerp,; cut them off logistically & even more fantastically thought.. can drive them back into the sea as in Dunkirk in 1940!
All the best SS Panzer divisions along with Hitler's best commanders & the very best tanks of the war were all aligned for this thrust. This however represented the last of Germany's forces, all of them were being unleashed in this final furious grasp at regaining the initiative & forcing a peace with the Western powers so the Russians can be dealt with afterwards. There was a great lacking in the German forces & that was the gasoline to fuel this Spearhead.. The 106th U.S. Infantry Division stood guard in the Ardennes & were all fresh green troops, on the morning of December 16th 1945 a massive Nazi firestorm of artillery & rockets preluded the battle, from which hundred of thousands of fanatical Waffen SS & SS Panzer troops charged forth from the forest with such ferocity that they cracked the U.S. lines in less than a day as they flooded out from there toward their objectives. This was an all out offensive by the best & last of Hitler's armies, the first few days of this assault convinced even Hitler himself that it might just succeed.. This massive struggle could very well have changed the course of WW2, it did result in more U.S. casualties than any battle of any war (even the Civil War!).. The greatest single engagement fought by the United States Army.. The attack did ultimately fail do to a variety of factors.. short of time & fuel while facing good ol' American tenacity, ingenuity, & grit.. This was indeed "The Last Blitzkrieg"..

Update: This video was made using "Men of War Assault Squad 2", along with Powerdirector 13, & I upgraded my CPU with an i7 processor & dual NVIDIA 780GTX video cards!.. There were MANY units on the field for this video capture, all graphics cranked to Ultra in the settings.. I added a "sharpness" effect in the video editor to create a very realistic look for everything..
Been a while since I released a MOW video so hope yous enjoy!