Apostol Rocket Stoves - The 2014 Prototype

Channel: Bristol Rocket Co.


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Cooking stoves for sale here: http://www.bristolrocket.com

The Apostol cooking rockets are reliable and great to have in a situation like power cuts, floods or other national emergencies and survival. Also good for when you go fishing, hunting or camping in places where open fire is forbidden.

Why purchase our stove?

Here are seven reasons why you should buy our stove:

• Emissions - Burns with a low amount of smoke and other harmful emissions.
• Good Ergonomics - The burning chamber allows you to see and feed the fire from a standing position.
• Ground Stability - The cooking pot is centred on a tripod stand which does not wobble on uneven terrain.
• Durability & Reliability - The stove is made from thick 5mm and 3mm heat tolerant mild steel with non moving parts.
• Modular Design - Bolted parts means easy maintenance and part replacement.
• Performance - Insulated and finely tuned burning chamber for smokeless and high temperature operation.
• Convenient - Unlike other rocket stoves our design does NOT require constant attention due to its AUTO-FEED capabilities.

For insulation we are using Superwool Ceramic Fibre Blanket.

Ceramic blankets offer excellent thermal stability and retain their original fibrous structure up to maximum temperature. For use up to 1260°C.
Features include:
• Excellent thermal insulating performance
• Free of binder and lubricant
• Thermal stability
• Low heat storage
• Good resistance to tearing
• Flexible and resilient
• Immune to thermal shock

Our stove model is based on the well known rocket stove principle where the smoke is burned due to its insulation and careful arrangement of the inner components.

The stoves are manufactured in the UK by Bristol Rocket Co.
To order please visit our web site here: http://www.bristolrocket.com