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In this video there're 10 new official trailers of upcoming horror movies. They're released in 2015. If you want to see more scary films please subscribe!
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00:00 "The Hallow"
01:58 "The Dead Room"
03:42 "The Invoking 2"
05:13 "Girl In Woods"
07:03 "Wind Walkers"
09:40 "Classroom 6"
10:57 "The Trick or Treaters"
12:45 "Where's Wendy"
14:38 "House of VHS"
15:59 "Queen Crab"

The Hallow

A family moves to a remote house in rural Ireland and finds themselves in a fight for survival with an ancient evil living in the secluded woods.

Cast: Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic, Michael McElhatton
Release Date: 6 November 2015
Director: Corin Hardy
Country: UK
Production Co: Occupant Entertainment, Altitude Film Entertainment, The Electric Shadow Company, Fantastic Films, Hallow Films
Distributor: IFC Midnight (USA)

The Dead Room

There is an intruder. It's You!

When a terrified family flees a desolate southern New Zealand farmhouse, two cynical scientists and a young psychic are sent to investigate their claims of a haunting. There they encounter a powerful spirit that will protect the house’s secrets at all cost.

The Dead Room is inspired by the chilling urban legend surrounding a farmhouse in Central Otago, New Zealand. In the early 1970s, two science tutors went to debunk claims a rural house was haunted and uncovered an incredibly disturbing mystery.

Cast: Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, Laura Petersen
Release Date: October 2015 (NZ)
Director: Jason Stutter
Screenwriter: Kevin Stevens, Jason Stutter
Country: New Zealand
Production Co: Centron Pictures

The Invoking 2

Although hundreds of disturbing paranormal events occur every year, most of these chilling encounters go unreported… until now. Bear witness as hapless victims experience the unspeakable terror of confronting demonic forces, murderous poltergeists and other evil entities that are dead set on claiming their souls. Descend into an abyss of waking nightmares as these bloodthirsty, malevolent spirits seek to possess their prey and drag them - kicking and screaming - to hell.

Cast: Allen Lowman, Andrew Fleming, Meghan McNicol, Chara Gannett
Release Date: October 6, 2015 (DVD)
Directed by Jamie DeWolf, Jay Holben, Corey Norman, Adam O'Brien, Patrick Rea and Jaime Root
Studio: Image Entertainment / Katrina Wan

Girl In Woods

After a tragic accident Grace is lost and alone in the Smoky Mountains. Grace's struggle for survival is made more complicated by her troubled past. Battling the demons in her mind may be the only way to come out alive.

Cast: Charisma Carpenter, Juliet Reeves London, Jeremy London, Lee Perkins
Director: Jeremy Benson
Screenwriter: Jeremy Benson
Production Co: GIW, Yield Entertainment

Wind Walkers

With one of their own missing, a group of friends travel to the remote Florida everglades where they discover that an ancient, malevolent curse is tracking them.

Cast: Zane Holtz, Glen Powell, Phil Burke
Release Date: 16 October 2015
Director: Russell Friedenberg
Screenwriter: Russell Friedenberg
Production Co: Iron Circle Pictures, Sweet Tomato Films
Distributors: After Dark Films (USA)

Classroom 6

Classroom 6 tells the story of a young TV crew fighting for their lives inside a haunted college once they realize a terrible evil lurks inside. Made in three nights, Classroom 6 is the long awaited found footage horror starring Valentina Kolaric, Mike Mclaughlin, Maurice Mejia, Victor Manso, Vince Major and Jessica Amal Rice.

Directed by Jonas Odenheimer, shot by Derrick Sims and with music by Kelvin Galloza.
Available on VOD on October 9, 2015.

The Trick or Treaters

Cast: Mike Chester, Veronica Scott
Release Date:
Director: Mike Chester
Screenwriter: Mike Chester
Country: Canada
Production Co: RedRoot Films

Where's Wendy

Alice in Wonderland meets Paranormal Activity...

Inspired by real events...."Graduate, party, disappear"

Cast: Haley Wheeler, Mike Chester, Devante Thomas, Laura McIntyre, Hailey Boersma, Lori Grundy, Victoria Wheeler, Kelly Fowler, Daniella Pluchino
Release Date: 2015
Director: Mike Chester

House of VHS

Six young people find an old VCR in an abandoned French house. The machine turns out to be magical... or is it cursed?

Cast: Florie Auclerc-Vialens, Isabel McCann, Morgan Lamorté, Delphine Lanniel, Ruy André, Pétur Sigurðsson
Release Date: 2015
Director: Gautier Cazenave
Screenwriter: Gautier Cazenave
Country: France
Production Co: Marteau Films Production

Queen Crab

Cast: Michelle Simone Miller, Kathryn Metz, Rich Lounello
Release Date: September 29, 2015 (DVD)
Director: Brett Piper
Studio: Wild Eye Releasing