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Hey dudes and dudettes!!
... See, I didn't forget this video xD Actually, the reason I remembered this (and finished it) was because I had just figured out a way -- with the help of the very talented xKatiefication, please check her out; she's awesome -- to make Vanessa's hair red! Now, I realize that the coloring for this video makes it hard to see that Vanessa's hair is red but... it's freaking red, ok?! xD I actually MASKED her hair at two different scenes, so I want credit for that, damn it! xD I'll probably use those "red-haired Vanessa" scene at some other videos so hopefully you guys can see it properly at that time :P

Sinbad is an explorer, currently interested in mythical creatures, especially mermaid. He is battling a sea monster when it takes him to the ocean, trying to drown him. To his luck, the young mermaid Ariel sees him and saves him by singing to the creature to make it let go of him. Once he's back on his ship, he tell his crew about the mermaid saving him, though they have a hard time believing him.
Down at the sea, Ariel is watching Sinbad through her magic. She decides to turn herself into human to meet him again and when he sees the young redheaded girl he tells the crew to help her onto the ship.
Sinbad doesn't realize that this is the mermaid who saved him, but once he heard her singing under deck, he is mesmerized by her voice and approaches her. She uses her magic though and while he is under her spell, she convinces him to sail through the Dragon's Teeth. When he is out of the spell, he doesn't realize a thing.
Once they sail through the Dragon's Teeth, which is known to have killed many sailors though no one knows how or why, the sirens react to their ships instantly. Ariel smiles when she spots her sisters and together with them, she devours the entire crew... though the delicious captain is all her own. The end!

Evil Ariel is evil and... well, who doesn't like an evil Ariel? xD I hope no one who watches this video at least! Hope you enjoyed, hope you found it exciting and hope you won't bash me for ruining your view of the innocent Ariel xD

Disney -- "The little mermaid"
DreamWorks -- "Sinbad"
Nest Entertainment -- "The swan princess"
Lana Del Rey -- "Dangerous girl"
Disney -- "The little mermaid series -- The metal fish"

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