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Honorable Mentions! Couples I loved that just didn't make it into the top ten! (Dustpelt and Ferncloud, Crowfeather and Leafpool, Birchfall and Whitewing)

#10: Lionblaze and Cinderheart, this couple had somewhat development, from friends to falling in love. It was cute and sweet, I could have done without the entire "your too special" garbage, but they still are adorable.

#9 Gray Wing and Turtle Tail. If you haven't read dawn of the clans, you have no idea who these cats are, but lets just say their story is heartbreakingly sweet. *Go read dawn of the clans now! its amazing*

#8 Stormfur and Brook, he couldn't bare to leave her again. He lost everything, his sister, his parents, he honestly had no reason to stay with his clan. He faces many hardships with the tribe, but he loves Brook enough to face them all. It's sweet, and beautiful, and I will always ship them.

#7: Jayfeather and Half moon, I don't know why, but the fact time itself separates seems so tragically beautiful. not to mention Jayfeather is a very hard cat to get close too, and Half Moon's upbeat sweet and loving nature cuts through his bitter exterior to make one adorable, yet tragic tale of love. May they one day meet in the stars~

#6: Cloudtail and Brightheart, a love story that over comes the scars of the past. Learning to see beauty beyond appearance, and love what's within. Cloudtail is what kept Brightheart from slipping over the edge, and their love was one of the strongest in the books.

#5, Thistleclaw and Snowfur, she saw passed his arrogance and found something too love, and then she was taken from him. He put blame on the sister and his bitterness grew, until he became so cold even the stars now separate the two lovers.

#4 Brambleclaw(star) and Squirrelflight, the old tale of or a rivalry turning romantic. Learning to accept each others differences and forgive each others misdeeds, a story of love and forgiveness. Plus their banter is so enjoyable :3

#3, Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves, their relationship defined differently by the authors, one saying friendship, one romantic, either way, helping the other grow and accept themselves. Until Fallen Leaves cared bought for Hollyleaf to let her go, for she was meant to be with her clan, with a finale promise to see her again, only for battle to break his promise for him. Let's just hope they will meet again among the stars.

#2 Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, the most tragic of tragic loves. A beautiful budding romance, from childhood friends, to lovers. Being there when there was nothing else, only to lose everything in the end. Green cough took his mate and two of his kits away from him, and thus the most heart breaking scene in warriors was born. (To me anyway)

#1: The most developed relationship in warriors ever. This couple gets a lot of undeserved hate, either because Sandstorm 'stole' Firestar from Spottedleaf of Cinderpelt, or because people can't get passed that she bullied him as an apprentice. but that's the thing guys, she changed. She didn't see him as a fellow apprentice, merely as a kittypet who didn't deserve to be among them, it seems cruel, but in reality, how would you feel, if a kittypet, a cat whose life you were raised to object, showed up with all this special treatment from the clan leader. She was jealous of him and acted out spitefully. But when he saved her from falling over the gorge, she started to see him differently, as a fellow warrior. She befriended him, and was their through the worst losses, she questioned his decisions, questioned her own moral, and let herself trust him. She eventually fell in love with him, and he fell in love with her, in the most well written and developed relationship in the series. They are more than a bully and a victim, they are moving past their own judgments, and seeing who the other truly was. Forgiving each other, and accepting one another. It was beautiful, and it was real. You can't argue that.