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We utilize the Titan 1000D XLT motorcycle table lift here at Law Abiding Biker!™ Podcast & Media to use in the garage/shop where we film all our free videos on our very popular YouTube Channel & our useful for purchase videos. We are an authorized distributor for Titan Lifts. We can help hook you up with an array of Titan motorcycle lifts, jacks, wheel chocks, & accessories.

You will see the Titan SMDL-1000D listed as "starting at $899" at some places, which is true. However it does not come with any extras at all. We strongly suggest you get the accessories upon original order, as it will not cost you any extra in shipping. If you later decide you need those items, which you likely will, you will have to pay hundreds in shipping costs again! Many bikers have made this mistake and almost everyone calls back within weeks to order the additional accessories.

We encourage you to go with the Titan SDML-1000D-XLT lift, which is the basic Titan SMDL-1000D lift, but has many very useful accessories included, which prices for around $1,189. Extras accessories include:

Side Extensions ($199.50)
We cannot tell you how important these are for loading the bike on the lift, so you have a place for your feet on both sides. You can ride your bike right onto the lift. Without them that would not be possible.
The extra working space is invaluable for tools, parts, equipment etc.
You can also not put your lawn tractor, ATV, or other equipment onto the lift to work on, which increased the functionality
Stabilizer bar ($90 value)
Needed to stabilize the lift with side extensions installed.
Really makes the whole lift more solid and stable when working on bikes. Would make it almost impossible to tip even with people sitting on the sides etc.
Titan 1,000 LB Motorcycle Mini Jack:

We also suggest purchasing a Titan 1,000 LB Motorcycle Mini Jack at the same time, which is around$134.95 with either the Titan SMDL-1000D or the Titan SDML-1000D-XLT package. Again, it will not cost you any extra if you ship at the same time as the main package. Without the mini jack you can't use the rear wheel drop or roller drop out panels to remove wheels etc. A lift is supposed to make working on you bike easier and without the mini jack you are limiting yourself.

The market is saturated with motorcycle lift tables, jacks, & companies. It can be overwhelming when you start shopping for a lift. The last thing we want is for a biker/motorcyclist to spend their hard-earned money on a motorcycle lift table or jack only to get ripped off or treated badly by a company that doesn't care about them.

Customer service is super important to us here at Law Abiding Biker™. That is why we want a team member to talk to you personally when ordering and deciding to invest in a lift table (509) 731-3548. Many lift distributors know very little about their products and are just a part-time distributor of sorts, so be careful. We care so much about you that if we did not have an answer or could not help you for some reason, we would refer you to other trusted and knowledgeable distributors in the industry. We are here to help bikers/motorcyclists.

Some time ago I spoke with Ian Gilmore, who is an expert in the industry, via a phone call. That conversation was recorded as an interview on Law Abiding Biker™ Podcast Episode #67. That conversation is very informational and you will learn everything you need to know and be aware of when shopping for and purchasing a motorcycle lift table.

These lifts also come standard with two drop out rear panels. One full rear drop out panel and one roller panel for rolling the back wheel while on the lift for maintenance purposes. The lifts also come with an extra long stretched out drive up panel for a smoother experience driving up onto and backing off the lift. Or for stretched out bikes and lowered bikes it comes in handy. The lift is easy to move around the garage or shop with the included dolly handle.

The lifts also come standard with a front wheel vise or clamp and it is very solid. It is lined with rubber to protect the front wheel from damage. There are also two eye bolts placed in the front of the lift to strap the motorcycle to with ratchet straps (not included). We strongly suggest securing your motorcycle with both the front wheel vise and ratchet straps for safety purposes.

The lifts both come with a Multi-Positional Front Table Extension, which is nice for longer or stretched out motorcycles.