Hopeless Blue Pill Men - MGTOW

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"Hey sandman, i would like you to make a video for my friend. He's a blue pill guy that is being used by the girl he hangs around with. She uses him for rides to work as well as an emotional tampon and blames him for everything that goes wrong in her life. Biff isn't a bad guy he is just misguided and led on by this girl. She wont even go out with Biff even though he has strong feelings for her. And it's not only me who sees this but other friends. So Sandman my friend Biff is blinded by his feelings even when the girl shames and mistreats him. No matter how badly she mistreats him he still does stuff for her. One time they got into a fight and she was crying and using her crocodile tears as a guilt trip him and keep him under control like a good little mangina. She has interest in other men that she says that if she wasn't with Biff she would be with some other guy. But simultaneously she also claims not to be in a relationship with Biff. WTF? I've tried to tell Biff about some Red pill MGTOW ideology but he just doesn't seem to see it. So please sandman help my friend see what the female nature truly is thanks." Well Elegant Lord thanks for your message. Hopefully you don't mind that I had to reword your comments a bit so they are easier to follow for everyone else out there. What you're describing here is a case of the hopeless blue pill man. I know this because I was this man in the past in my relationships. I didn't want to see or hear what my friends were telling me. I was lost in my own little white knight gynocentric Christmas. Where visions of vaginas danced in my head. My friends used to poured buckets filled of red pills on my head. And nothing worked! Maybe that should be the MGTOW bucket challenge. Pouring a bucket of red kool aid or red pills over our bodies. Who knows it might catch on and would certainly get some attention. But seriously some men are too far gone to be helped right away. I want to talk some of my blue pill friends away from their toxic relationships but it only works when a man is burned and then you offer him a reason for his pain that makes perfect sense. Men usually lack emotional intelligence even most of us are highly educated. We see ourselves as intelligent and competent when it comes to worldly matters. But when it comes to women many of the most intelligent men are absolutely clueless. Your friend Biff could be a nuclear physicist or engineer for all I know but it sounds like he has no clue when it comes to being friend-zoned by women. And who's fault is anyways? The education system keeps men manginas by feeding us facts instead of teaching us how to think critically in social situations. A street education is often better and I know self made millionaires that learned about life by living it instead of in a book. But men today are in school until well into our twenties and we lack social skills and women walk all over us.

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