Descendants Mal & Evie Spa Disaster! With Wicked World Ben, Frozen Elsa and Ariel The Little Mermaid

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❤ Ben’s royal ball is this evening and Mal finds her skin isn’t as soft as it could be after hearing how Wicked World star Audrey has super soft skin after a clay treatment at the little mermaids spa. Evie and Mal go to Ariel’s spa but things don’t go as planned when Ariel forgets to mix the clay properly, turning the descendants blue in the face. The treatment which can fix their faces is on the other side of town so Mal and Evie have to sneak through the streets without being seen. This doesn’t go as planned when they run into Frozen Elsa and Anna and Audrey. Finally Barbie also sees them but did anybody actually realize that Mal and Evie were blue in the face? And will they make it in time for Ben’s magical royal ball and after party? ❤ Watch until the end to find out. A Descendants Wicked World parody episode by A Doll Story. ❤

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