lady neay Jerm លេយឌេ​ នាយ​ជឺម​​ full sing in CTN 2016 sunday cd vol 208,209

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Lady | ច្រៀងដោយ នាយ​​ ចឺម​ | Jerm Ctn Comedy cover from She gone Preap Sovath - Lady - She's Gone - RHM CD VOl 530
This song cover from She's Gone
Background information
Born May 25, 1975 (age 40)
Kandal, Cambodia
Genres Cambodian Music (various genres of music)
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor
Years active 1992-present
Labels Rasmey Hang Meas Production

Preap Sovath (Khmer: ????? ???????; born May 25, 1975) is a singer in Cambodia.[1] He records for Cambodian production company Rasmey Hang Meas.

Preap Sovath performs the style of music known as "Khmer Karaoke", the name derives from the fact that most sales are of VCDs rather than CDs and all VCD film clips come with karaoke-style subtitled lyrics.

Preap Sovath generally eschews strictly traditional Khmer songs and musical styles, instead his music is modern style for Cambodia's youth. He performs on many televised anthology-style live concert programmes and holds residencies at Phnom Penh's nightclubs. He has also released a compilation album Do Re Mi with Kim Leakhena.
Live performances

Best of the Best: Live Concert is a concert performed annually since 2004 at Phnom Penh Olympic Stadium by Cambodian singers including Raksmey Hang Meas and Preap Sovath. The concert is free to the public; the sales of the DVD or CD cover the costs.

MTV EXIT Concert Preap Sovath took part in MTV EXIT Concert in Phnom Penh on December 12, 2008. The concert is part of a campaign to raise awareness to end exploitation and human trafficking in Asia.

He and his coworkers performed "Best of the Best 2012" on 14 February 2012 at Koh Pich's Concert Hall.
TV Show Judge for "Cambodian's Got Talent Season 1" 2014 Judge of "Cambodian's Idol Season 1" 2015 with his co-worker at Hang Meas Production Aok Sokunkanha, Nop Bayyareth, and Chhorn Sovannareach
Jerm Ctn Comedy Show
Ctn Comedy
Preab Sovat Song
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Neay Jerm - Pok Mea Ery Neng Reb Ka Jol Knhom Hery - SD CD VOL 203
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