Minecraft Pocket Edition Games by MIKE + Restaurant & New Roller Coaster! (w/ Dad)

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Mike wanted to show everyone the world he made (or should say, added onto as you may remember us showing the Skylander Boy and Girl statue in this world on a different episode). Anyways, he starts off first by taking you through his restaurant which has it's own roller coaster! After that, we check out a couple game ideas he came up with and made himself and finish the game with a FAIL version of hide and seek. ;) Enjoy the fun!

Mikes Minecraft Hunger Games: http://youtu.be/yYMKG5hjuQc

Mike's Seed Mistake + Jackpot & Diamond Dig Race: http://youtu.be/Xob35J198vc

Xbox One Gameplay:
Part 1: Scaredy Cats: http://youtu.be/eHnwnlxWYAQ
Part 2: The Monster Spawner: http://youtu.be/2PyLL-N4mg0
Part 3: Wheres my stuff?: http://youtu.be/5zeyvzH3q-4

Minecraft Playlist (PC, XBOX ONE, Pocket Edition): http://www.getlinkyoutube.com/playlist?list=PLYqGY_-rT9bNoirqQGOHm7q68yQNKb8Bh

Enjoy the Minecraft Enderbaby Tutorial w/ Fgteev Dad: http://youtu.be/UTPXkixF-LQ

Gold Grab w/ Dad & Son (Enderbaby spotted): http://youtu.be/0EicLb1yyzY
Mike builds the Gold Grab game: http://youtu.be/WtBYiNnLdSU

Invisibility Potion Prank:
Lex: http://youtu.be/diF4AszrQDc
Mike: http://youtu.be/JHdn7EnliE4

Creepy Enderman: http://youtu.be/WwAu6Vlwr18

Mikes' Ender Dragon Battle: http://youtu.be/1VTtyAEzfqs

Herobrine Screams: http://youtu.be/1VTtyAEzfqs

Raining TNT Mod: http://youtu.be/UTVbV1ZBQYA

Mikes Pocket Edition Roller Coaster: http://youtu.be/wqJa-snxtpM

Mikes Minecraft Adventure:
Lava Seed: http://youtu.be/UT5SXT1Pd3c
Speed Build: http://youtu.be/q516IVdFnWU

Toon Town Mod: http://youtu.be/BJWUMVI6Egg

Spongebob & Bikini Bottom Map: http://youtu.be/VuoGrNh5gM8

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Skylander Boy does Minecraft!

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