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Hey folks! Here is my fan video of Nick Laws and Matthew Lush! Enjoy! ♥

I've been subscribed to Nick and Matt since the How to kiss video that was uploaded 19.10. 2013 and that brought me to their channel. I didn't want to subscribe at first 'cause I knew they had so many subscribers (back then like 50k) mainly because they were kissing all the time but eventually I couldn't resist and I'm very glad because thanks to them I found other YouTubers Will and RJ that I love who are basically my life.

Well, Matt and Nick broke up which I kind of expected to happen ever since they started dating. Sad, but what can we do, luckily, there are other YouTube couples that are still together and hopefully always will. :)

Pictures and videos are from:

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2:58 : Matt's insta (you can find his pics on his FB page too)
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3:04 : Matt's insta
3:08 : (3:11 as well but it's from Matt's insta)
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3:26 :

All Lushlaws videos were deleted but you can always watch them on this channel:

Song: Olivia Ong- l.o.v.e

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