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Drill, tap, add heatsink compound and mount high wattage LED chips on a heat sink.
NOTE: a few details not evident in the video:
-Tapping fluid was used on the tap,
-The thermal heat sink compound was put on the chips and the excess after spreading was used on several other LED chips not seen in this video. Its not the best method for small items but its a habit formed while applying to large elevator SCR & IGBTs. Put it on thick, spread thin and use the applicator (putty knife) to apply to the rest of the IGBTs or SCRs and torque to specs. The desired end result is a thin gapless connection. If you have another method feel free to shoot a video on it.
-Neither the RED 50 watt nor the White 100 watt chips have leds that all light up at the exact same voltage.
This however does not mean they are defective. The chips are powered by a variable power supply and are being turned up very slowly so they are lighting at nearly the exact same voltage which is well below rated voltage and current. To understand this its helpful to understand semiconductors and how they are manufactured.
All the individual LEDs light and these chips don't have dead LEDs.
That doesn't mean there aren't some really poor quality chips out there with that problem.
I have about 40 LED chips of varying quality and wattage but have yet to test any of the cheap ones I have purchased so we will see.
These are Lohas brand from Amazon and came individually wrapped in anti-static bags.
Many of the cheap ones I purchased from ebay came thrown together in bubble wrap or Saran Wrap - You get what you pay for!
I will shoot a video on the cheap ebays in the future.

This isn't meant to be a step by step guide. We were just doing some preliminary testing for some lights we are going to build and the kids & I thought maybe we will shoot something quick. There are likely some very good step by step videos on youtube.


Installing a 100 Watt Cool White LED & 50 Watt Red LED on an aluminum passive heat sink.
First test to check amperage and temperatures. This heat sink is more than enough even passively and will just be used as a test block to get readings voltage, amperage, temperature and luminous readings.
After data is recorded will be testing smaller fan cooled heat sinks for floodlights, flashlights, etc.

100 Watt Lohas-LED Cool White LED Chip
50 Watt Lohas-LED Red LED Chip

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Tools & Material:
100 Watt Lohas-LED Cool White LED Chip
50 Watt Lohas-LED Red LED Chip
AOS Thermal Compounds 3cc Syringe Heat Sink Compound,
Rubrite Flex Abrassive A5611A2,
Isopropyl Alhohol,
Tapping Fluid,
Craftsman 75-pc Inch & Metric Tap & Die Set 952377,
Wera Kraftform Kompakt 71 Security Set,
Fluke 62 Mini IR Thermometer,
Circuit Specialists 50VDC 3A Regulated Power Supply CSI5003X5,
Milwaukee M12 12-Volt lithium-Ion Cordless Drill,
*Aluminum Heat Sink from a failed Siemens 72G Elevator Motor Soft Starter.

LOHAS® 100W LED Chip Cool White Bulb High Power Energy Saving Lamp Chip

• Drive Voltage:30-34V;SMD Chip power:100w
• Size (L*D):50mm*55mm Viewing Angle: 140 degree
• Cool White.Color Tempreture:6000-6500K
• Luminous(lv):8000-9000lm


The following terms all refer to the same product:
Thermal Heat Sink Compound,
Heat Sink Compound,
Thermal Heat Sink Grease,
Heat Sink Grease,
Thermal Grease,
Thermal Compound,
Thermal Paste,
Heat Paste,

However Thermal Adhesive is different and goes by the following terms:
Thermal Adhesive,
Thermal Epoxy,
Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesive,
Thermal Epoxy Adhesive,
Thermal Conductivity Epoxy,
Arctic Silver (Brand) Thermal Adhesive,