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Escenas De #SamDrea~ Samuel y Andrea tienen su 2da cita. *English Translation* Soledad tells Sam that she doesn't understand what he has with Sam. She asks him if she's in love with him, if they're dating?" Sam tells her "I myself don't know but I like what I feel when I'm with her" "It's magical" Soledad tells Sam to take care of Andrea. Andrea tells Pablo that if he still loves Veronica to fight for that love. Pablo tells her that he gave up on that when Andrea told him that two people of different social classes couldn't never be together. Andrea tells him to forget that that she was wrong that they should fight for their feelings. Pablo tells her "thanks I like hearing that coming off of you but Rocio is pregnant" Andrea tells her that she understands and that he and Rocio can count on her that she will talk to her mother so that Rocio and him
marry and stay working there. Arturo tells Flavio who Samuel is dating and Flavio tells him "Really??" "The witch" "Out of all the women you had to choose her?" Sam tells him "I don't know how it happened" Flavio says "Well I'm not really surprised I always told you she liked you" they try and give Samuel tips. Andrea tells her sisters that the man that sends her flowers, gave her that dress and is going out with her is Samuel Gallardo! The sister are shocked and can't believe it S&I~"Really?" A~"Yes but I'll tell you ladies tomorrow I don't want to be late" Sam arrives and tells the waiter to give him a menu and the best champagne, he tells him that he is waiting for a lady Andrea Del Junco a lady with black hair, tall and beautiful eyes" Andrea arrives. Sam tells her he doesn't know how she does it to look every day even more beautiful. Andrea tells him it's a witches thing but that she won't tell him. Sam says "alright don't tell me maybe I can't figure it out" and they kiss. For the avance the kidnappers want to take Sam and Andrea Andrea excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Sam goes into to find one of the kidnappers holding a gun against Andrea's head another one shows up pointing his one on Samuel saying "don't move otherwise I'll shoot her."