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In this video we explore the Flip32, another version of the excellent Naze32 full board. The Flip32 provides the same features as the full Naze32 (there is a basic version of the Flip32 too so check which one you are ordering) but also offers simpler receiver connections and more places to use to power external devices like the GPS, MinimOSD and Bluetooth adapters.

The aim of this video is to cover the differences between this board and the Naze32 so you can watch the full Naze32 series and be able to configure and install all the add-ons and extras with this cheaper version too.

Two of the most popular videos for Cleanflight and the Naze32/Fip32 are the GPS addition - - and adding Bluetooth -

In this video we:
- Cover what you need to know before starting (0:02)
- Explain what 10Dof means (3:05)
- Explore the differences between the Flip32 and the Naze32 (5:58)
- Explore the firmware/software options (11:15)
- Install the Cleanflight firmware (15:53)
- Bluetooth wiring example (19:27)
- MinimOSD wiring example (20:19)
- GPS wiring example (21:10)
- Summary (22:46)

Please watch the Naze32 series after this video to setup everything you need with the great little board.

Thanks again to Jon for sending me one to try.

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Happy flying!