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I give all credit to the animators I did none of the animations above or the art in my intro or the music

Crowfeather has no mail:Mama Tad
Scourge's collar:PrismaMagic
Mousefur the senile:Mama Tad
Cloudpaw joins Thunderclan:Mama Tad
How Redtail REALLY Died:Swedishcat111
Rusty joins Thunderclan:Misstycatbb
Firestar does not like waffles (God ik I spelt does wrong! Just stut up about it!!!):Finland
Bluestar takes a selfie:Mama Tad

Now kids Please calm down in the comments k! Please no more talk of aj (its really stupid) Bluestar takes a selfie is first because not only was I looking for the funniest animation but the best animated, best story-line, how much It fits warriors AND how funny it is! Please stop with the mean comments! I am so close to closeing them! If the amimator of one of the clips in this video wants me to take it down I will but know one else has the right to flame at me now! I love 80% of you the 20% you know who you are...