Fallout 4- The Legend of Dunwich Borers

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Fallout 4- The Legend of Dunwich Borers- A giant face, kremvh's tooth and an ancient city. This and more in this episode of Fallout 4- Legends of

Dunwich Borers:

So this is a continuation of the story of Dunwich. Before, we seen the statue of Ug-Qualtoth buried inside the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3. We then brought the Krivbeknih back to it in Point Lookout. Now, we come to Dunwich Borers, also owned by Dunwich Borers LLC. We find the holotape of Hugo inside Hugo's Hole just outside it, and he has killed himself, and something made him do it. As we journey inside, we learn that the safety inside here was a atrocious, and that management care very little for the employees. We also learn of a meeting in at station 4 for the other managers. Raiders have taken up residence here, and as we learn why they are here, we find a terminal entry saying that we are safe in the light, as if they have gone mad. Ghouls attack us here and something constantly cuts the lights. A flashback is had to several workers from before the war. Then we find the sneak bobblehead and another holotape from Tim shoots, saying that the other managers may suspect something, and they ask what they should do. Then we enter a cave and get a flashback to a ritual with several people tied up. Then the flashback ends and the managers attack us, now all ghouls. We find a tape from management on Tim saying they are close to completing their goal, and to be patient. We then enter the hole. At the bottom is a giant buried face, and inside the hole is a room with an altar, on which 2 mini nukes and Kremvh's tooth rest on. What they face is and why this is all here are question that we will try and answer today.

I hope you enjoy the episode :)

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