Download video: Automatic Tree Farm 1.8 /PS/Xbox [Ultra Compact 3x5 Base] Tutorial!

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Probably the smallest auto tree farm on YouTube!

And it does work in the current version of Minecraft!

To clarify, by auto, I mean as automatic as it can be without using tnt or mobs, so obviously it will not plant saplings by itself or break the blocks.

Basically this uses a simple T-Bud to make sure things work in the order they should!

I am aware that this is inefficient with the bonemeal but the aim is to be small :-)

PISTON WALL: Redstone torch one block under where the final bit of tree is to go. then go one up and sideways and place redstone there and just use repeaters to activate all the pistons on the wall. When the wood goes over the torch it will activate the redsone.

PG5 Infinite Storage --
My Charcoal Factory --

Points to remember!
-Only works with oak
-Pistons only push 12 so add a piston wall if necessary
-You will need a ton of bonemeal so a decent mob farm is definitely recommended!
-In this version there is no leave crusher so although there are some sapling drops there are not that many. You may need to either implement one or have supply of saplings.

As always hit me up with a video response if you have a smaller or improved design :-)

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♬ Intro and outro - Montego - Kevin MacLeod

Texture pack - oCd

Built in 1.5.1 Minecraft! - Still working in the current minecraft (1.7.2 and probably onwards)

If for whatever reason you enjoy my redstone creations so much you fancy donating, the link is below :-)