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A motion graphics transition I've been messing around with in Adobe After Effects. The flying light is a combo of some mask work and lens flare from Knoll Light Factory. The trails are Trapcode Particular particles set with no velocity and a long life. The tendril effect is accomplished by turning the turbulence field up pretty high. I messed with the colors, size over life, and opacity over life on the 3 sets of trails to get a more varied effect. The type is a combination of 3 layers set to Overlay with an elliptical mask in the center with varied feather and expansion settings. There's a type layer with Glow and Trapcode Shine that is masked with a strong feather right after the light reveal to give the text a strong white glow as it comes into view.

Pretty simple but pretty cool looking I think. It's mostly based off some stuff I watched at Go there to learn way more than I could teach.

That being said, this is just a simple test. I can't provide a tutorial or a download to the project. I already said pretty much everything I can above.