Major Tom (Coming Home) (REUPLOAD)

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One of the more popular videos from my last account, (and one of the more...erm...stolen ones, lol). Figured I'd post it here first considering it's what people seem to recognize me with, (other than my Fruits Basket and Final Fantasy videos). But it's now 4 in the morning, and the only other video I'll be posting for now. Anyway, enjoy!

Original post January 1, 2010:

It's a new year, and I'm breaking out a different kind of video, (well, technically anyways). This...was a labor of love, that's for sure. -.-; I've been working on this since August and finished it just last month or so, but I do like how it turned out, even though it's a completely made up story. Yep, the reason why I don't believe it has spoilers is because none of this actually happened in the show. The reason why? Well for one...I didn't exactly like the original story. Seriously, so much not my cup of tea that towards the end I almost didn't want to finish the series. But I did, and decided the animation was WAY too good not to make something of. It wasn't bad, but love triangles becoming the main point of a show aren't my thing to watch. XD;

Okay, now for some story...
The video begins with memories firing in the synapses. Good times, bad times, but times when she was there. Then the day dream ends, and Alto, (aka our Major Tom), awakes to the realization of life. Though he continues to linger in a state of mourning, he goes on with daily life as a star pilot. The colonies and planet they seek in under attack, as they have been for some time. As he battles against them, he wonders to what end are they fighting, and how long it will continue, as images from the last day he saw her, the singer Ranka, trail though his mind. While preforming a recon mission, his ship comes under attack, just as his machinery starts to fail. Trying to get them to work again his guilt ridden self is filled with her image again, but he manages to snap out of it to fight back. It isn't enough, and he's shot down. Though the world thinks he's gone, he is still clinging to life in the wreckage, but is slowly beginning to drift somewhere else. He thinks he begins to hear her voice, saying to stay alive, but he replies to seemingly no one that he's going to where she is. It is then that he re-sees her death, but at the same time begins to remember something else, something...that never happened. As he approaches the image of Ranka, he realizes that it's her ghost, telling him that her death was nothing for him to feel guilty over and to go home. He is filled with a new resolve and makes the choice to live, returning the the planet below as all the while Ranka's spirit watches on from the vastness of space and time.

The outro is significant in that Ranka did not know whether Alto made it back, but somehow, in some way, she sees that he has.

'Give my wife my love' is something that ground control doesn't really understand, but is something the audience can interpret any way they want. XD

Edit: Drama finalist in Ohayocon 2010, Otakon 2010, and Jafax 15. :D

Edit: Download link available, just PM me! (Long sorry short, FTP things take too long and indirect downloads are