Download video: Eminem Speaks about Being Raped and Cries

Channel: SubliminalProof


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This clip is from the movie "Da Hip Hop Witch," Eminem is trying to convince Proof to never go back to the Witch. Proof had intercourse with her before the making of this video, and his penis was turning green. At the end Proof is possessed by the Witch who assures him it's going to be okay, but Eminem does not seem to think it's okay at all.

R.I.P. Proof; who was murdered in the same fashion he had acted out months earlier in Eminem's video 'Toy Soldiers.' In a later interview, he states he doesn't know why he did the video, and that it confuses him to this day.

The pyramid on his shirt may confuse you with the 555; but it is no joke. It is the symbol of the Cult of Saturn, which is Jewish in relation. The Hexa Star is over 10,000 years old and can be found on the North Pole of Saturn; and the eye can be found on the South Pole of Saturn.

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