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Here's the new version of the Quardircycle for May Day 2012. Instead of the wooden 2x4 box, this one features 3/4-inch steel conduit for the structure. On test rides, it's working pretty good. Check out the previous video for reference. Below are basic instructions. If you have questions, please email.

1. You'll need: 10-foot 3/4 inch steel conduit. Hack saw. 3/4 inch hanging brackets (choose the heftiest ones they have available). 2-inch 1/4 inch bolts. A decent metal bit for your electric drill. Eye bolts (see earlier video). 1x2 inch stock for steering mechanism.

2. Start by cutting your 10 foot steel conduit into 2.5 foot lengths.

3. Two of these lengths will be the front and back cross bars. Wrap the bike frames with bike innertube to protect the frame. Then pound flat the conduit at the ends. Mark your drill holes using the conduit hanger bracket for a guide, then drill your bolt holes.

4. Loosely attach the conduit crossbars with the bolts.

5. Place the bikes on a level surface and eyeball the bikes relative to the crossbars. You want the bikes as straight vertical as possible. Use a level, if you like, to get them straight up and down. Then tighten down the crossbars. Check frequently to be sure that the bikes remain straight up and down.

6. Once the crossbars are tightened down with the bikes remaining vertical, take one of the 2.5-foot sections of conduit and cut it in half with a hack saw to make two, 15-inch sections. These will be your angle brackets. Pound out one end of each angle bracket and twist the bracket-holder to fit the down-post of the bicycle at as close to a 45 degree angle as possible. This will be approximate--use a vice grips and pliers to twist the holder into place, then drill out the bolt holes on the angle bracket and loosely attach the lower end to the bicycle frame. (Check out the video?).

7. With the bottom of the angle bracket loosely bolted to the frame, drill through the top end of the angle bracket AND the front crossbar. Then thread a bolt through both, tighten up, and repeat on the other side. Throughout this process, keep checking that the bikes remain roughly vertical.

8. When both crossbars and angle brackets are drilled and bolted, tighten ALL nuts, checking frequently to be sure that the bicycles remain in a level, vertical position.

9. Attach the steering bar. Use the holes at the top of the forks (used for reflectors or front brakes). Remove bike hardware and insert an I-bolt into the fork holes, bolted on each side of the fork. Position front wheels in a parallel position, and drill out a 1x2 or 2x2 at the appropriate length to bolt into position between the two eye-bolts (check out the earlier video if you're confused.)

You could also use the leftover steel conduit for the steering bar.

So if you have questions, or if you build a version of this, please message me here.