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Home made DIY $1 Body Armor idea for Physical assault protection.
Not for protection from fire arms or for use by minors or where prohibited by law.

here is the idea.

You are standing on the corner minding your own business and a person or a group of persons decides to physically assault you. if you have some sort of armor underneath your shirt or hat and if your assailants strike you where the armor is the metal spikes will dmage their hands , cause them much pain and surprise them long enough for you to get away, call for help, or produce a weapon yourself to equalize the power equation or use whatever martial arts training you have aquired. The armor is passive protection and is only efective if an asailant strikes you, but requires only that you raise your arms to defend yourself as would be human nature and require no thinking. You can also add the armor under certain types of hats to protect against punches to the head.

If you see improvemnts or flaws in the idea, feel free to leave comments or post videos and I will link to them.

This is just an idea for your entertainment and I claim no responsiblity nor do I encourage minors to try this , nor do i encourage adults to continue to live where it is illegal to protect themselves after the authorities fail to do so.

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