How to: Lightsaber Acid Etching Tutorial

Channel: KR Sabers


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**First and foremost, this process involves HARMFUL, CORROSIVE CHEMICALS WHICH CAN KILL YOU if used improperly. Adequate safety protection to prevent skin contact is necessary, and I do not take any responsibility for any personal or property damage incurred by the processes detailed in this tutorial. Safety goggles, vinyl full coverage gloves, full coverage clothing, and a fully protected work surface with a plastic barrier is necessary. DO NOT ATTEMPT the process outlined in this tutorial with any less than these minimum safety materials.***

Okay guys, so many of you who follow me on Facebook would have seen some of my work lately, which involves acid etching. I was inundated by messages and comments asking how I do it after spending the last month learning too. So I thought I'd give back and make a video tutorial on what I do. Yes I may not use gloves in the video or stand in a well ventilated area, but as explained in the video and the above statement, safety first!!!

Also, this is just the way I do it guys. There is no 'perfect' way. Learn some of the basics by watching my video and you can tweak and improve on your own methods. Everyone is different. This is 'Kaizen' thing. ;)

Enjoy guys!