Sexy cosplay auction: Japan AV fans bid on Taimanin Asagi costumes

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You know rule 34 right? "If it exists, there's porn about it." Well in Japan, there's an addendum to that rule that says, "even if it doesn't exist... there's still porn about it." Whatever you're into, or haven't discovered yet, it's all waiting at an AV shop for you somewhere in the Land of the Rising Sun.

It seems Nippon has a sub-genre of porn called 'cosplay AV'. Cosplay is a Japanized-English word for "costumed play"-- pretending like you're a character from a video game, comic book, or cartoon series by dressing up like one. The AV part doesn't mean audio-visual; in Japan, this means adult video. (Please do not go to an electronics store in Japan looking for the AV section expecting to buy an HDMI cable. You'll wind up being shown other long, flexible products you probably were better off not seeing at all.)

Put 'em together and what you end up with is a sexy futuristic heroine, battling some evil monster with tentacles that turn into penises or worse... And of course, it's porn, so... yeah, you'll see all the gory details.

One famous Cosplay AV production called 対魔忍アサギ (Taimanin Asagi) is making a little extra money by selling the costumes the heroines wear. Some are being auctioned off at certain enthusiast websites to the tune of over US$3,000! We can't understand what the deal is over the used outfits (not to mention the possibility of bodily fluid leakage) But hey, I guess a fetish is a fetish.

Oh, Japan...


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