Retrospect Vore

Channel: Primal Retrospect


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You stare up at the gargantuan dragon, feeling his hot breath on your face even from here. Struck with both awe and terror, you are unable to run as Retrospect clasps his claws around you, longingly licking his lips at the sight of your tender flesh. There's a certain air about the dragon that's almost... Passionate. Loving. Perhaps even sensual. Before you can think anything else, he presses you tight into his warm, soft belly, and when he does, you can hear the churning of his hungry stomach deep inside; the ravenous twisting and groaning of his intestines, gobbling up perhaps the remnants of his last meal, which seems as if it were so long ago. The warmth is soothing, and to your surprise, so are the gurgles of bubbling hunger from deep inside the dragon's gut. Then, at once, you are lifted into the air, hoisted up into his hot, salivating mouth. He rolls you around in his cheeks, swaddling you in his fleshy tongue, soaking you in warm saliva. You feel your backside brush against the back of his throat, and then, with an enormous, squelching gulp, he swallows you down into his gullet. As you slide down his slippery throat, it squeezes you tightly, wrapping you in the sounds of his breathing and heartbeat, which grow louder and louder as you go deeper, deeper toward his stomach. Finally, one last satisfying gulp, you are squeezed out into the dragon's belly, bathed in his sweet, molten acids and cooed into submission by the happy, hardworking glorps of his digesting gut.

Congratulations, you have made a great meal. Perhaps you won't even feel the pain as his belly churns you down, and then swallows up your sloshing remains as you continue deeper into his winding lower gut.