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saw in the uk ebay that there was a fix for server error -1 by upgrading to firmware 5.060.
so i took the risk and upgrade tvpad4 firmware to 5.060 and fixed the server error code -1
i'm not showing the firmware version during the video because it contains my mac address.

Got info from

**Update at your own risk. If you are in US, wouldn't suggest using it**

belows link for firmware 5.060!yU9UxaQb!23t-lwa4rWfhlW0BWmyR7Kwf8phhugIwhzIf2qfZeMI


overall process took about 5 mins

1- using laptop or pc, download firmware ( from above link,
don't extract, put it on root directory of micro sd card and place in tvpad4 micro sd slot.
2- power on tvpad4 and wait till it boot up fully.
3- using remote pointing at tvpad4 and press 200981811
4- a 'system upgrade' menu will pop up, using remote select ' SD card upgrade' tap
5- tvpad4 will shut down and boot in installing system update.
6- after process finished, the tvpad4 will boot up. everything should be normal. the upgrade will not delete any app.


extra info on server problem

my guess, this fix is to stop usa tvpad user from connecting to server outside usa.
that is why there is a warning for usa user not to upgrade to firmware 5.060

on page 158, according to one user, error code was cause by us server shut down.

Ok, based on the past couple of days and results of myself and others. This is what's happening, and I'm fairly sure it's what's happening.

US servers were shutdown because of court order. Many of those servers host chinese VOD.
Other countries were not affected. But some services that look at US servers were down.
US clients now scurrying all over the globe to connect to a different country server by DNS changes.
US clients overload those servers, causing those countries locals not able to connect either.
TVPad gave out new firmware for tvpad4 for non-us countries. Pointing them to the new servers.
Because of US court order, tvpad are not servicing US clients at the moment. Telling them to wait.
US clients update firmware on tvpad4 by themselves.
Servers found out these are from US. With new firmware, they have ability to send signal to render them useless. (This I know, since I DID received a message in chinese saying my region is not allowed to use on screen when I was on the main menu)

Since all other versions of tvpad are basically DDOS attacking the servers, overloading them, some were able to get in to live stream.
tvpad with updated firmware that's not from the US will be able to use all services since it's looking at new servers that the rest of us can not see.
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