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OSHO: This Beautiful Planet

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INNER & OUTER ECOLOGY - a revolution in consciousness.

Osho International presents in this new series "Inner and Outer Ecology" a selection of talks in which Osho addresses issues related to humanity and our behavior on planet Earth. He says that "this is the only planet in the whole of existence which is alive" and requests a revolution in consciousness to ensure the future of humanity and Earth.

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Highly developed civilizations have come and gone - is ours the next one to go?
Do we have an alternative?

"There is a cosmic law that says "Only out of the mud the lotus can grow." The politicians, and the priests of all the religions, the governments and the bureaucracies, all are creating enough mud. Now we have to grow lotuses. You have not to be drowned in their mud; you have to sow seeds for lotuses. The lotus seed is a miracle, it transforms the mud into the most beautiful flower...
Hence, the lotus flower has become a symbol of a spiritual style of living. Untouched by the grows from the mud in the water, and yet remains untouched. And it is a symbol of transformation. Mud is transformed into the most beautiful and the most fragrant flower this planet knows about."

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