Download video: iPad 3 No Backlight and Half 1/2 Dim Screen solution fix repair tutorial

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We do this full backlight repair for a flat rate only 99$ send us only your logicboard.
If you are comfortable at soldering and want to do this repair yourself we also provide the tools and parts needed for all backlight repairs.

How to Repair replacement iPhone Backlight Coil and IC?

the hard part is to remove the Coil and IC.
Protect the surrounding components you are not working on with heat resistant Kapton tape or Aluminum foil tape.
Apply quickalloy no clean flux.
Pre heat the board at 100C for 1 to 2 mins.
Apply quickalloy no clean flux.
Apply quickalloy no clean flux.
Use Hot Air rework gun at max speed and max temperature setting to remove the old IC and coil.
After the old broken parts are removed.
Now you tin the board pads with the QuickAlloy solder 58C or QuickAlloy 137C solder paste.
Place the components (coil and IC) on to the board in roughly the correct location and orientation.
Apply quickalloy no clean flux.
Now heat up the components with hot air gun at max temperature and low air speed.
Since the solder you used in pervious step, tinning the pads melt at 58C or 137C you will not damage any other components. ( Normal SMT components can withstand heat up to 300C without being damage)
After you are done inspect the components and solder joints with microscope for possible bridging or unsolder joints, repair the missing connections appropriately with a fine pencil tip soldering iron with flux. Clean off site with alcohol. This is the end of the repair.