Download video: MGSV- How to make 4.5 mil GMP in less than 15 mins!!!

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This is my guide to getting a lot of GMP with little effort and time with so much gain.

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- Does this still work?

As of patch 1.09 yes it does.

-How Do I redo this side ops?

Ive already explained in the video but ill say this a gain, clear the side ops in that region and the list will refresh and eventually you will get this side op back. Ive also heard that if you clear a side op that is in that general area where this one is, the list will give you another one in that area including this one. So You may not have to do all the side ops, just the ones in that small area.

-I havent cleared all the side ops yet, can i still re unlock this?

No you cant, you have to clear every side ops and then the game will allow you to redo old side ops.

-When I do this, most of my tanks are stored online and I cant access them, is there a way around this?

[As of patch 1.06 you can now sell items in your online storage, ive tested it. The following answer below is here by declared outdated]
Due to the updates that have happend after this video was released, Whatever you collect while online will be shoved in your online storage and you CAN NOT access them. To avoid this stay offline. There has been a patch that says you can sell items in your online storage but I have yet to actually accomplish this. One last note, the second you go online whatever you were collecting will be placed in your online storage, so be sure to sell as much as you can before going back online.

- I only have the stealth camo charges, not the one you have. Is there a better way to do this?

According to a few people, when you restart checkpoint while cloaked. When you return you will still be cloaked so as long as you dont run out before you restart checkpoint you can loop this just fine.

-Can you use ballista on the chopper?

Nothing happens when you ht the chopper with it.

-Does Ballista fulton vehicles?

Yes I think you have to have the fulton upgrade to do so as well but im not 100% sure.

-How do i get that Raiden suit?

Complete all main story missions with S rank (Excluding total stealth, subsitence etc.)