Download video: Far Cry 4 - City of Pain Sandman 1911 & throwing knives killer stealth walkthrough GTX980 & 4790k OC

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Aj cleans out the city of pain from de pleurs goons in finest stealth fashion primarly using the sandman 1911 signature pistol and a buttload of throwing knifes and takedowns . As always , have fun watching peeps !

So why i dont attack anyone in the second part ?

First of all in general the city of pain is an awesome mission where you can fully use your stealth skills . Unfortunately ubisofts level designers did a very weak job at the second part of the mission where you got de pleur on your bag . First fail comes right after you are beside the entry soil´s in front of the house where you find de pleur . After you got him on the back there is an enemy wich get´s hostile even if noone ever saw you in that mission ( 7:34 ) , also when this trigger is triggerd the alarm is sounded and if you walk deep through the city enemys are spawning right in front of you at some points . I know i haven´t hidden any body in my video but this is absolutely irrelevant since the soldier will trigger exactly the same even if you have hidden every single body previously . So why i don´t killed anyone in the second part ? This is due to another stupid trigger made by ubisoft . When i kill anyone in the second part , even if noone sees me and i hide all bodys as soon as i arrive at the car where i need to put de pleur in ~5 enemys are teleported right in front of my face where a milisecond ago noone was standing . Of course they detect you immediately , stealth is over and its just going to be a mess makes the whole gameplay look like shit . Thats why i diden´t killed anyone in the second part because if you don´t kill anyone the trigger wich let the 5 enemys teleport right in front of your face if you arrive near the car stays off . Overall iam asking myself how such a weak level design can happen at all , spawning enemys right in front of you , in a mission wich was supposed to be a stealth mission makes me asking myself if ubisoft wants to join battlefield or call of duty singleplayer standards nowdays ?

My Far Cry 4 Graphic Settings : everything maxed out exept for : fur "on" , shadows "ultra" , vsync off + SMAA . To watch the video at 60 FPS use Google Chrome + activated HTML5 , you should give it a try it looks realy smooth !

System Specs :

Hardware :

- i7 4790k @ 4,8 Ghz for 24/7
- EVGA GTX 980 Reference @ 1574/2000 for 24/7
- ASRock Z97 OC Formula
- G.Skill TridentX 16 Gig Kit ( 4x4 Dimms ) 2400/9-11-11-31
- Samsung 840 Pro 256 Gig SSD
- Corsair RM1000
- Fractal ARC Midi R2
- Asus VG236H 120 Hz

Cooling :

- Rad#1 : 360x30 Alphacool NexXxoS @ 3x Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro PL2 push
- Rad#2 : 280x45 Alphacool NexXxoS @ 2x Enermax Everest UCEV14 push
- Rad#3 : Watercool MO-RA3 360 @ 8x Silverstone SST-FN181-BL push/pull
- EK-DDC 3.2 PWM X-RES 250 + EK-DDC Heatsink Housing
- Koolance 380i
- EK-FC980 GTX Acetal + EK-FC980 GTX Backplate black
- 19/13 Tubing
- Mayhems Pastel Sunset Yellow