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I'm a mobile iOS developer just like you probably are. I hated having to splice out all of the Photoshop layers my designer would give me manually, only to have to reassemble it in Photoshop. When my deadlines were time sensitive, I didn't have time to sit there saving images, I was eager to start the coding! You can purchase this program for a one-time price of $4.99 here: . Now you'll never have to waste time implementing a Photoshop design ever again! This program will splice all of the Photoshop layers for you automatically in two resolutions: retina and non-retina versions. But that's not the coolest part! The program will recreate the Photoshop design pixel for pixel in Xcode, font color, size, width, height, all of the attributes come out exactly like in the Photoshop mockup.

The program generates no code. It simply splices every image you have in Photoshop and converts it to a view controller on an Xcode storyboard. So, all you have to do - as a developer - is set up the IBOutlets and begin writing the code for your application.

If you get an " internal inconsistencies" error, that means the program worked perfectly. Go ahead and hit OK (your screens should look like the video does at 2:04) on that error message and drag in the remaining images and everything should be good to go :)

Several questions can be solved by reading the Instructions.txt file included in the purchase .