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DISCLAIMER! This is mostly a fun loadout. We also stuck to Mario's original colouring and outfit as he has about 50000 power up forms. I just threw in the endgame gear to take the fight to some bosses at least! Beyond that we're showing off the mario power! ENJOY!

Hello everyone and welcome to Ultimate Mario Loadout a loadout that is 99% meant to be fun and that's exactly what it is! As we try to be as Mario as possible with frostballs and fireballs shot from magical flowers , a wonderful fat yoshi and a green koopa friend to tag along with us! This is most definitely Mario enough! SO DO ENJOY!

Scaly Truffle needed for a fat yoshi!

Nebula Helmet
Nebula Breastplate
Nebula Leggings

Plumber's Hat
Plumber's Shirt
Plumber's Pants

Menacing Tiger Climbing Claws
Menacing Sorcerer Emblem
Menacing Celestial Emblem
Menacing Celestial Stone
Menacing Destroyer Emblem

Mythical Flower of Fire
Mythical Flower of Frost