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All voices in this comic belong to me.
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P.S: I do not support any form of Frisk/Chara X older fan/canon character or Asriel/Flowey X older fan/canon character, since in my opinion it's child pornography. Not saying all shippings are bad, if it the shipping has both sides of legal standards, I can see it.

But having a child (Even if you age up the child, it still counts as child porn) with an older person, past the legal dating age limit. Then it could cause some trouble.

No, I'm not gonna kink shame anyone who likes FriskXSans, or FriskXToriel, exedra. More power to ya, ship who you want to ship.

But I will not tolerate people who will force me to like a shipping that's either against American laws, or I just don't like in general.
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