Pokemon XY and Z Episode 1 English Sub - Pokemon 2015

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Title: Pokemon XY and Z Episode 1 English Sub - Pokemon 2015
this is a good introduction episode for a new arc. Team Flare is more threatening as baddies that Ash's friends need to step in against those new threats as well, which I like instead of seeing them as background characters. I also like to see Team Rocket vs Team Flare.

I think the producers rushed Sawyer's progress when he already collected 5 badges since his last encounter with Ash in which I don't mind at all since I would like to see Ash and his Pokemons struggle against strong opponents, as we can see from the opening Sawyer's Mega Sceptile and Alain's mega Charizard X.

Bonnie sure is befriendling every Pokemon she sees even powerful legendaries such as Zygarde, albeit only its core form was shown most of the time. I hope we're going to see Zygarde encounter Xerneas and Yvetal during this arc.

For the next episode. It seems Eevee got over her shyness alot by letting Bonnie brushing her. Although, it's understandable that she got nervous about Quilladin fiery's appearence. Also, I'm glad Pancham is getting some screentime, even fighting. I think he got overshadowed by Braixen.