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make money easy and free by paidverts 2015 review
link here:
ll introduce the latest PTC posted (open since March 2014)
"PaidVerts" "that will revolutionize the world of PTC.
At first, the characteristics of bases:
Payout minimum:
Perfect Money: $ 1.00
EgoPay: $ 10.00
Solid Trust Pay: $ 10.00
PayPal: $ 2.00 *
AlertPay: $ 2.00 *
make money easy and free by paidverts 2014-2015
link here:
Therefore, Operation is a bit more complicated than others, and it takes a little reading to understand how they are to be successful members to pay as much, but in a sense the system is simple and logical, do not worry, I 'll explain everything ...
At first, I suggest you use this link to register:, I give you tips to make a lot of $ and in return you get my filleuils as that everyone is a winner.
When you register, if you do not go through this link h, the site will automatically attribura a sponsor (which you do not know), so as to do so reward my efforts. Dieur you will !!!
Remember to check the box: I confirm That I Was Referred by baleckworld
link here:
After registered "Create Account" and connected, go to the HOME PAGE MEMBER, if you are not already.
You will see a rectangle that asks you to see pubs activation to receive BAP.
make money easy and free by paidverts 2014-2015
Why are we talking BAP ??
BAP (Bonus Ad Points) are points that will be on this most important site than money. The more you have, the more the value of pubs that gets you high!
When you see an ad activation, you earn 50 BAP. (1 = $ 0.0005 BAP value).
so the more you have of BAP, the more you ads that bring in money with a high value. At first it will be the Clasicos pubs to $ 0001 but as of the time you will have $ 0.5 pubs to see more than $ 1 ...
Sounds impossible but yet it is very real. And this site is serious, there are many proofs of payment on the net, it is easy to find with google.
The value of the ads depends on your BAP and the group in which you are:
make money easy and free by paidverts 2014-2015
As you can see from this picture, there are 13 levels (or groups) of BAP. As you might have guessed, the more you climb the ranks, the more you will receive pubs high reward!
I am registered on the site since the beginning of the month, 7 days, I only had $ 0.001 pubs. Then I moved to group 2, now I have pubs to $ 0.01, also yesterday I even had the right to a pub to $ 0.04.
make money easy and free by paidverts 2014-2015
Patience and perseverance are the words to succeed !!!
Should I recycle my ads?
This will not help when you recieve pubs, it takes away some of your BAP, even if you do not click! Then click them and do absolutely not recycle! You usually have 18 hours to make your click, if you have not done in time, your click is automatically recycled and sent to a user who has purchased the "Super User Upgrade".
make money easy and free by paidverts 2015
The trick is not to focus on the $ but the BAP! It exsite several ways to earn faster!
make money easy and free by paidverts 2015
Strategy for those who do not want any money out of pocket:
1) Once you have $ 0.05 of earnings and the 2500 BAP necessary the first time, buy the mini upgrade. You will earn at least $ 1 in pubs.
2) Same when you have $ 1, buy advertising to increase your BAP, to receive at least $ 1.50 pubs to click and especially to increase their number and value.
3) When you can afford it, take the filter ($ 10) to receive more pay pubs. I chose $ 0.01 minimum. And it is valid as long as you do not change this amount.
4) Then, when your earnings will be quite high, at least buy the Super User Upgrade to $ 2.99. Later, buy Mega. I have made the choice to buy both and the results are very satisfactory, as you can see.
5) If it does not bother you much click, take the Mini Ad Packs 50 BAP, what I did at the beginning. But I have no more patience or interest with the number of pubs, and value, which have significantly increased in recent weeks.
link here:
This revolutionary new system TPC you are interested, register without delay on
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